Firstly, welcome to the Carers section of our website.

If you are reading this and haven’t already identified yourself as a Carer to us, please use our Register a Carer Form so that you can be added to our Carers register. This e-mail has been set up as a way of communicating with Carers, so please feel free to send in any suggestions or non-urgent queries.

Some of you will be aware this initiative is in its early stages and has taken a while to get a “Carers Register” off the ground. We now also have a dedicated Carers Champion; this is currently Gill Hiscox, Practice Manager.

Our long term vision is to create a, “Carers” patient group that can look to each other for support and advice. We will support this group by building and maintaining strong links with local agencies to improve the integration of their services into our local community. We are hopeful in the future to produce quarterly newsletters as a way of informing you of services and available support, as well as hopefully including some personal articles from Carers.

Luton Borough Council

If you live in Luton, the Borough council also values the role that you undertake:

“We value the hard work of people like you. We know that caring takes up a lot of hours of your own time, and we know that sometimes it can be hard to balance your care responsibilities with your own life. That’s why Luton has lots of services and help available, not just for the person you care for – but for you too – for your own wellbeing and to make your role as a carer easier on you. These services focus both on practical and on emotional support for you.” (

You will need to contact Luton Borough Council for a “Carers’ Assessment”. They can be reached on 01582 547659 or alternatively you can access this information Carers in Bedfordshire.